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March 2020 saw the release of the final product. You can head to the store now and order your copy. Limited availability remaining.


Release Date Announced!

The Unofficial Wrestling Figure Retrospective 1990-1994 will be officially released in January 2020. The book will be produced by Biddle Books and available world-wide.

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Thank you for taking the time to visit. We are now live and you can pre-order right now. We are pleased to report that we are fully backed on Kickstarter!

Like most men in their 30s, I grew up with the wonderful world of the WWF. Back when everyone was a superstar and became names you'd remember almost 30 years later. Most of these heroic superstars were immortalised, forever, in wrestling figure form.

We're embarking on the start of an amazing journey that we hope will see a whole series of these special edition action figure books produced.

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